Jean-Baptiste Huong portraitBorn in Saigon (Vietnam), Jean-Baptiste Huong is a director, editor and image designer based in Paris. His work has always been heavily influenced by Cinematography – a subject he studied for several years at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University.

Because of his background, Jean-Baptiste Huong is very precise when it comes to staging his photographs: he likes to set a scene, usually in natural decors, with his models being true characters and their poses showing movements.

His frames all tell a Story. And even if he likes to feature partially or fully naked men, he does so with a Sense of Poetry and Sensibility.

Jean-Baptiste Huong’s work has been followed massively for years on social media. His pictures have been used for books covers and exhibited throughout Europe. « Secret Places » is his first portfolio artbook published by Bruno Gmuender.


« As far as I can resecretmember, decors have never been less important than models when it comes to my pictures. I believe that the best frames are a perfect balance between the right people and the right setting. It’s the same thing in life : sometimes, it takes a special someone to make a special moment, in a special place.

As a photographer, I’m always looking to showcase a sense – my sense – of beauty ; but then again, beauty can be found everywhere, in a diversity of bodies and spaces.

When you get that perfect combination, the result seems unreal. This book could have been called serendipity – a « fortunate happenstance ». Except that there’s no chance here : I do believe that we all have a secret garden, somewhere to seek shelter, to disappear. Whether it’s a real one, or just a state of mind. Whether we’re alone or with someone.

That’s what I tried to do in this book. Capture those moments where the right people are in the right places.
Their Secret Places. »



affiche BYM

« In 2017, I had the chance to meet a friend who loves my work
and decides to help me to do my first short movie. I’m very grateful.
For many years, my followers on social media ask me to do something more because
they said my pictures are very cinematic. So we decided to write a story with Nicolas Mapache.
From the beginning, I always wanted to work with Samuel de Sagas and Andrew Sheather,
two marvellous guys who did model for me years ago. I’m very happy they accepted the project.
Now I hope the audience will appreciate and discover soon the result on screen.
I gave the best I could for this first short movie and I hope the audience will like it too ».
Jean-Baptiste Huong.